Hayes Campus

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Julie Loizou

Head Teacher

Welcome To Hayes Campus

Bromley Trust Academy is a unique place of learning where supporting pupils to make progress and achieve is at the heart of everything we do. We endeavour to create a stimulating, challenging and inspiring learning environment where staff and pupils work together to enable pupils to achieve their full potential.

We work towards providing opportunities where pupils experience:

  • Enjoyment of learning
  • Building positive and supportive relationships
  • Opportunity to obtain academic and/or vocational qualifications
  • Building resilience and exercising personal responsibility
  • A sense of community in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance

  • We seek access to and engagement with social and educational settings and provide choices which are matched to pupils’ present and future needs and aspirations. The staff are dedicated, caring professionals who provide unconditional support and positively challenge pupils to be the best they can be.

    Staff have a positive and pro-active involvement with parents/carers and make regular contact to inform them of pupils’ progress. We have high standards and expectations of pupils.

    We are proud of our pupils who support and welcome each other. Many of our young people have experienced difficulties in the past, some are still experiencing difficulties. We believe in the potential these young people have and believe they deserve the best possible education which in turn will increase their life chances in the future. We have a ‘no excuse’ culture meaning that we have the highest of expectations and are relentless in our desire to seek resolutions to issues or challenges that may have the potential to hinder the progress they make.

    We also take pride in our achievements, celebrate success and we focus on inclusion. Our pupils wear a smart uniform, participate in a range of challenging lessons and come together in regular assemblies and celebrations. This allows our pupils to show they are proud of being part of our academy community, the community of Bromley and prepares our pupils for life beyond our doors.

    We do not judge, or get angry with pupils who get angry. We set about to use our experience, passion, commitment and everything in our power to ensure that children and young people can flourish, feel safe, increase their self esteem and to ensure they have every opportunity to learn socially and academically.

    We have two sites – Midfield Campus (Primary) and Hayes Campus (Secondary). We provide education and support for pupils who are at risk of being, or have been, permanently excluded from both primary and secondary schools. We aim to work with pupils to identify and remove barriers to learning in order that where possible they can return to a mainstream school or to access specialist school settings or at key stage 4 achieve academic and/or vocational qualifications.

    We always welcome visits – so please do get in touch and come and see our amazing community, learning and most importantly our fantastic pupils.


    Neil Miller

    Executive Head Teacher

    As the Executive Head Teacher of the Bromley hub of London South East Academies Trust, I am very proud of our students and young people who attend them; who we teach, guide and support so that they develop the knowledge, skills, emotional and social maturity to make thoughtful decisions and become purposeful young adults.

    We are able to deliver this through a broad and balanced curriculum delivered by dedicated specialist teachers and support staff who provide an educational experience that enriches the lives of our young people.

    By focusing on academic, social and emotional well being, we improve our students' life chances and provide the necessary guidance and support to allow them to follow appropriate pathways into further education and/or employment so they become good, moral citizens.

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