Midfield Campus News


Keeping learners safe both inside and outside of education is fundamental to us here at Bromley Trust Academy. In this spirit, we were privileged to have two visits from representatives of NSPCC / Childline. Over assemblies and workshops they talked with the children about safe behaviour. Some of this behaviour was connected to what might be happening at school, whilst the teaching also included safe behaviour online. Whilst we have our rules for safe behaviour at school already, it was really useful hearing it from another person. 

The adults also discussed what safe behaviour might look like and what actions to take. We talked about what is was to say no, who might be safe adults in life that could be talked to and a special phone number that could be called in times of trouble.

This number is 0800 1111 whilst the really helpful/informative website (both for adults and children) can be found at www.childline.org.uk.

And if anyone is ever in any doubt – it’s always better to ask a trusted adult eg.g a teacher, rather than just to keep things to yourself.