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Our Partners

Bromley Trust Academy

The Academy provides education and support for pupils who are at risk of being, or have been, permanently excluded from both primary and secondary schools. It works with pupils to identify and remove barriers to learning in order that where possible they can return to a mainstream school or to access specialist school settings or at key stage 4 achieve academic and/or vocational qualifications.

Bromley Trust Academy Site

Bromley Council Educational Psychologist Team

One of our key partners here at Bromley Trust Academy is the Educational Psychologist team.

An Educational Psychologist is a specialist on how children and young people develop and learn. They offer assessment, advice and support to parents and teachers where there is a concern about the development, learning or behaviour of children and young people.

Bromley Council Site

Magic Breakfast

We are fortunate at Bromley Trust Academy to work with Magic Breakfast, a charity that provides free, nutritious breakfasts to schools where over 35% of pupils are eligible for free school meals.

Breakfasts are provided, free of charge, in order to support our early morning breakfast club. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to improve a child's concentration, behaviour, attendance, punctuality and educational attainment.

Magic Breakfast Site

Kent Counselling For Schools

Kent Counselling for Schools provides support for young people within Primary, Secondary and alternative education provisions across Kent and South London. They are a renowned school service founded and operated by experienced counselling practitioners who are familiar with working with young people in educational settings.

Kent Counselling For Schools Site

The Bromley Trust Academy works with the following agencies:

- Affinity Sutton Housing Association/ London Borough of Bromley Housing
- Speech and language therapy
- Educational psychology service
- Virtual school 
- Bromley Y
- Education Welfare Services,
- Social Care – MASH Team
- School Nurse and Primary Care Team
- Mental Health Services
- Mytime
- Bypass
- Metropolitan Police
- Bromley Children’s Project/ Tackling Troubled Families
- PAYP and YOT teams
- Youth Services
- CAF Team
- London Fire Brigade