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This was a hugely successful week, jam-packed with fully-interactive, hands-on fun! Our science week hosted a range of activities including:

  • A whole school science activity carousel where pupils explored everything from magnets to slime
  • A silly science workshop where Professor Neutron thrilled our pupils with whizz bang experiments and exciting explosions.
  • Our very own Mr Noakes put on a captivating chemical reaction show, dem​onstrated how sound waves move through the air using a giant smoke cannon, launched rockets high into the sky and explained the secret science behind some fascinating reactions causing fire, fizz and foam!
  • Children from across the school had the opportunity to visit the science museum and spend the day in 'The Wonderlab' where they were able to experience the friction slides, a scaled version of our solar system, hang out at the chemistry bar and see wonders wilder than their imagination could have predicted. 

In addition to all the exciting activities, competitions ran across the school where children were able to present their learning on their favourite science topic or research a famous scientist and then choose from a wide range of super 'Science Museum' prizes including UFO flyers, tornado spheres, illusion science, an impossible balancer and a range of bouncing and magnetic slimes. 

All in all, everyone had a fantastic week and learned so much about the wonderful world of science.

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